Plumb Lines Specializing in Alignment, Mobility & Wellness
Plumb Lines Specializing in Alignment, Mobility & Wellness     

Founder: Kathryn Rollins, RN, BSN, PMA-CPT, Buff Bones

I'm a Registered Nurse who after working for many years, both in clinical and corporate health care, wanted more professional fulfillment. I had studied Pilates privately and felt tremendously connected with the movements and it's philosophies. It just made sense. So, I left my corporate job to pursue it more intensely. In 1999, I obtained my certification from world renowned Pilates Master, Rael Isacowitz, and subsequently worked at his studio. My background made physical alignment, functional movement and wellness, a natural fit and although I work with all ages, they remain my specialization for those 45 years and above.

Plumb Lines:

My approach to the body has changed over the past nineteen years as I have consistently witnessed the profound connection between body, mind, and emotional self. Now, I look past the initial presentation of the person (whether that be a painful shoulder, an achy hip, poor posture or something like osteoporosis) and look for the subtle physical and possibly emotional cues. After studying so many bodies, I am able to get the complete picture of what's really happening and set up a plan to correct it. Sometimes it's tricky but once identified, and with my clients commitment and change in perspective, we get to work and get everything in snyc. When my client feels more physically aligned (and therefore stronger), more confident with their body and mobility and well educated, I know I've done my job.


Bachelors in the Science of Nursing
Minor in Psychology
Registered Nurse - California
Public Health Nurse - California
Certified; Pilates - Body Arts & Science
Gold Certified; Pilates - Pilates Method Alliance (there are only 250 worldwide with this special designation).

Certified; Buff Bones 

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