Plumb Lines Specializing in Alignment, Mobility & Wellness
Plumb Lines Specializing in Alignment, Mobility & Wellness     


"For years I was in terrible pain and Kathryn did for me what a gang of spine specialists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and back rehabilitation specialists could not. She fixed me."

D. B. – Business Executive

"Kathryn has taken the art and science of healing to a completely new level. Working with her is much more than a physical workout. She assesses your body and applies her gift of intuitively knowing how to help you heal and makes your time with her a mind and spiritual exercise as well. You leave with new insight and body mind awareness. It is a unique and gratifying approach to wellness and total health preservation.

Her dedication and enthusiasm for teaching have improved my complete sense of well being. All of this takes place with cool music and Kathryn's keen sense of humor".


"Four years ago at the age of sixty-three, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. During the first two years, I had to increase my medication four times. My tremors were progressively getting worse along with my anxiety. So, after a discussion with my Doctor, I decided to try Pilates. I made the decision to join Kathryn Rollins’ Pilates studio, as she came highly recommended, and she had an extensive background in nursing. After a short consultation, she put together a program that was specific to my needs. The program consists of strengthening, stretching and balance, which addressed my major concerns of maintaining fitness and mobility, and my ability to keep up with an active lifestyle. My primary goal obviously, is to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s.

Thanks to Kathryn’s program, I have improved physically in all areas. I found that Pilates has also been very beneficial in alleviating my stress and fatigue, which affect my tremor. From a mental aspect, she’s helped me reduce my anxiety and develop a more positive attitude. Her approach is that I focus more on my results and not my problem. Pilates has given me an overall sense of well being, and I have a much better outlook for my future.

I have recommended Kathryn to several friends, and they too are pleased with their results."

R. V., Retired Executive

"Kathryn's background in nursing and pilates makes for an unparalleled instructor, she changed my life. I had suffered an injury at work and was not getting help from traditional medicine. She was able to do what a myriad of doctors could not. My mental, physical, and spiritual well-being have greatly improved thanks to this incredible teacher".


"Kathryn is exceptionally gifted with an innate ability, and equipped with the proper credentials, to assess the needs of each of her clients. And if she can't "fix it" she'll direct you to someone who can. Since she came into my life my physical well being has greatly improved.


Kathryn was recommended to me by a friend. Upon learning that Kathryn is a Registered Nurse as well as having outstanding Pilates credentials, I was immediately interested in becoming a client. I have confidence in her ability to understand my medical issues and limitations while enjoying Pilates. I am stronger, more flexible, and have better muscle tone. Kathryn is serious, knowledgeable and conscientious.

L. T., Retired Teacher

"I came to Kathryn looking for relief from chronic pain and tightness from an old injury. I also wanted a gentle form of strength training a stretching. It is such a bonus to have a pilates expert who is also a registered nurse. I feel better physically and mentally after every session."

S. H. Career Woman and Mom with three teenagers.

I'm a Quality Management RN who spends the majority of my day sitting in front of a computer. Although I'm not in a hospital setting, I still deal with patient issues, deadlines and employer demands. By the end of the day I often feel tired and tense, especially in my back and shoulders.

After Kathryn's 20 Minute Pilates Workout my body and mind are relaxed and I have renewed energy to enjoy the evening! I highly recommend this quick, fun and easy workout!


"I started working with Kathryn while training for my second marathon. Pilates became a supplement to my training to help me fine tune my body and form. Kathryn was helpful in preparing me physically and mentally to run 26.2 miles. Now, a year and a half later I continue with Pilates weekly as my exercise of choice. Kathryn has done wonders to keep pain to a minimum and strengthen my core. I owe a lot to her."

K. M., MFT, Mom of 2

"During my academic career I had the opportunity and good fortune to work with and be associated with many people of varied talents and capabilities. Kathy stands out as a person of in-depth knowledge of her profession, having the ability to clearly communicate her instructions, and all done in an atmosphere of caring. She is a person of integrity, skill and personal charm. I do not hesitate to add my vote of approval to this lady and her endeavors."

D. D.

More testimonials are available upon request.

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